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Muscle Monitor version 2.1 available!

Muscle Monitor software is created and designed to suit the needs of professionals who are searching for deeper knowledge and accuracy. Complete breakdown of human biosignals allows you to conduct the most accurate and objective analyses of performance and biomechanics giving you the keys for fur...
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Mbody 2.1 release!

We are glad to announce the release of our new Mcell Smart. The new Mcell model works with Bluetooth ® Smart and its performance and features are significantly enhanced in relation to our previous Mcell.In a nutshell:- the data download is done via cable so we avoid all the hassles related to Blu...
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Mbody 2.0 packs a bunch of new features!

Mbody 2.0 release draws near with some notable changes and added features. Below is a summary of the biggest changes what you can expect:Mbody Live:Mbody live updates to 2.0 with some added features:-MA/min. Muscle Load is now scaled to 'per minute' instead of 'per second' adding more clarity and...
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Mbody Link and Live 1.0.0 available!

Mbody Link 1.0.0 is available for download. Patch notes can be found at the 'Downloads' section.Mbody Live 1.0.0 is also available for download and can be found from Google Play store. To get to the store site, click the link below:
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