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What does the Mbody measure? What is EMG?

Mbody measures electrical muscle activity or EMG. Electromyography measures the electrical changes in your muscle as they contract and generate force. The more your nervous system orders your muscles to contract and produce force, the higher the electrical discharge. Hence, the EMG measures your muscles degree of activity or loading.

Can I keep my underwear beneath MShorts?

Yes. Only make sure that the underwear does not cover electrodes from the MShorts and that they stay against the skin the whole training session.

Can I swim with Mbody?

Unfortunately the measurement device is not intended for solid water; So, no.

What phones are supported with the Smart App?

Phones with Android version 4.3 or higher or iPhones with iOS with version 9 or higher.

Can I train without the Smart phone?

Yes. The Mbody device can store your muscle activity data which can be transferred later. However, no GPS or Heart Rate can be shown then.